Here are some of the questions I have had and that I have heard from others. Please feel free to answer and also post or post and answer any of your own questions. Thank you.

*Overcoming the grief? Losing the guilty feeling?

*Spiritual Recovery?

*Mental Recovery? How to set your mind to peace?

*The dating process again? Do you feel guilty for dating? Do you share special dates with the person you are dating?

Widows and Widowers

Hi, being a widower I want to learn and compile some info about going through this process. If you have been throw this tragic experience or know anyone who has I would appreciate it if you would send me any info you can to help me throw this time in my life. I also want to start a blog as a way to help others that have been through the same thing. Something that people in this situation can read and post info to draw strength from and help others. I am so thankful for the widows/widowers I have met and the help they have been to me. I hope to get to know some more and continue to progress and grow. Hope to hear from you soon. (Please tell anyone you know who is going through this same process.)